Finding the Right Real Estate Agent


Many homebuyers consider plenty of houses before finalizing the one they want to buy. However, it’s not the same situation with regards to hiring a real estate agent. Out of every ten homebuyers, seven don’t correctly check the profile of their real estate agents before committing to work with them. That’s quite frightening considering all real estate agents are not at the same level of expertise. The famous Pareto principle is also applicable to the real estate agent business, and in reality,  80% of the real estate business is done by just 20% of the agents. If your real estate agent is the deciding factor in closing on your dream home within weeks or losing out on offers, then why shouldn’t you search for the right real estate agent?

It is not always easy to find an agent who is both adequate at their job and comfortable to work with. That is the reason we recommend sitting down with at least a few real estate agents before finalizing one. Below are some recommendations for choosing a real estate agent who is the right match for you.

Good Track Record

With the real estate market getting more competitive day by day, you need a real estate agent with an established reputation of placing families and individuals in their dream homes. Check their online reviews, have conversations with their past clients, and above all, inquire whether these real estate agents have recently finalized deals on houses similar to what you’re searching for. Give careful consideration to their record with the homes in the area and the price range you have in mind.

Familiarity With the Desired Area

Working with somebody who knows your desired location guarantees that they’ll invest time and energy on properties that fit your requirements. To start, choose the amenities you think are essential in your community search (stores, hospital, schools, etc.). Afterward, please share them with potential real estate agents to figure out their familiarity with the location so that he or she doesn’t end up running you around looking at homes that you’re not interested in.

Understanding your Housing Requirements

Find a real estate agent that you feel comfortable asking all kinds of questions too – chances are you’ll need to ask quite a few, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. In hot markets, house-hunting can take months. Purchasing a home is no small feat, so the real estate agent should be able to make you understand the process inside and out, from the moment you shortlist houses to the moment you close the deal.

An agent who understands your requirements can make the journey for the search of your dream home enjoyable. Take your time thinking about the sort of person you want to work with. Do you need somebody who is easy-going and will guide you through the procedure? Alternatively, do you need somebody who works quickly and is direct?

By Lendova