Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out


Buying a home in highly competitive markets stresses out a large number of people every year. Sellers receive multiple offers from buyers with Pre-approval letters and those who are willing to purchase the home in cash. Sellers view cash offers as a low-risk option because they are aware that funds are readily available and won’t have to wait for the buyer to be approved for a loan. In theory, when a buyer is acquiring a loan from a lender, some offers can fall through.

It might be difficult to beat an offer made by cash buyers. We are giving borrowers all the information that they need to have an easy-going time to make an offer. Below you’ll find the steps we’ve found that can help prepare you to make the best possible offer.

Do your homework

It is imperative to determine what you’re looking for in a home before you begin your home search. In a competitive market, if you have found a home you like, you might not have adequate time to think about the number of rooms or the particular school district nearby. It’s always beneficial to establish your criteria right at the start because this can help you shop around with more clarity and allow you to make an offer you will not regret.

Find the right real estate agent

Once people hear you’re looking for a home, they will start providing all sorts of mortgage and real estate advice. They may recommend a real estate agent for you to use, and you should undoubtedly pick their brain. Be sure to continue to shop around and choose someone you’re compatible with. The last thing you want to do is work with someone you don’t get along with. A communicative and proactive agent, with a solid understanding of the particular area you are looking to purchase, would be an ideal agent to work with.

Ensuring certainty both for you and the seller’s agent

Even before you start shopping, most borrowers are curious to know what loan you are eligible for. Sellers will also ask to see some approval from a lender if you are choosing to finance your home. Many lenders provide their borrowers with a Buyers’ Approval letter to accompany their offers they submit to the seller. This process consists of you uploading your financial and income documents to a lender so that they can give you an exact estimate of the amount you are approved for. You can enjoy the confidence and certainty of a cash buyer with a Buyers’ Approval letter. To obtain this letter please visit https://www.lendova.com.

Get Your Loan Officer Involved

In some cases, the seller’s agent wants to directly hear from your lender, even with a Buyers’ Approval letter in hand. To help you, some Loan Officers are happy to contact the seller’s agent on your behalf. In result, eliminating the fears of financing issues. To ensure a smooth mortgage process, the right Loan Officers will be with you every step of the way.

By Lendova